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Care to manage stress, anxiety,
challenges, change?


Mindfulness is being fully in the moment: present, aware and non-judgemental, with acceptance. Through the practice you engage and cultivate the wisdom of insight and the heart. In your everyday activities you develop awareness, appreciation and choice in each present moment. You gain a kinder approach to self and others and an enhanced quality of life.

Benefits of the Mindfulness course…

  • to be empowered with peace and insight
  • to cope with and reduce stress and difficulties
  • to enjoy increased confidence and self-esteem
  • inner strength, resilience and resourcefulness
  • more calm, clarity and balance (less reactive)
  • renewed energy, motivation and enthusiasm

Through this practice you certainly become less stressful. You discover an inborn sense of grace, freedom, power…the art of living. The benefits are both cumulative and immediate.

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MINDFULNESS-BASED STRESS REDUCTION (MBSR) is the best known and largest stress reduction programme in the world. The benefits of Mindfulness are recognised by leading scientific and medical organisations; inc NICE [the UK’s Institute for Clinical Excellence].*